Why is Italy not exporting as much as Germany?

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Italy was the 9th largest global exporter in 2017. Germany was 3rd. This is the top 10 exporters list:

1) China   2,263 B USD
2) USA   1,547 B USD
3) Germany   1,448 B USD
4) Japan   698 B USD
5) Netherlands   652 B USD
6) South Korea   574 B USD
7) Hong Kong   550 B USD
8) France   535 B USD
9) Italy   506 B USD
10) UK   445 B USD

Germany is exporting three times more than Italy. See more details on Italian exports and Germany exports.

How does export grow?

Our job is to first find solutions which are both easy to implement and generate substantial growth. These are the best solutions that satisfy both:

1) MarketingValue Content frequency motivates customers;
2) Sales – change to a highly scalable system;
3) Project management – project effectiveness increases with agile.

These solutions require low cost software, simple process redesigns, and minor cultural changes, and they give great results quickly. Most importantly they can be fully controlled, unlike competitors, regulation, and other market forces. Fixing these usually grows companies fast.

Why is Italy 1 B USD behind Germany?

Italian companies compete fiercely in the local market which makes them extremely robust, but this is not enough for the 3rd place. Although they have great products, brands, and teams, they usually do not push marketing, sales, and project management to the level necessary for international growth.

Italian companies would multiply their revenues by implementing these solutions, but they can not because they have no one to help them. Italian business services are just not good enough. For Italian companies to reach the 3rd place their local business service providers must also be 3rd in the world.

German companies have a great variety of consultancies which innovated local IT, marketing, sales, digital transformation, and agile management know-how, all of which facilitate international growth. Italian companies are left to choose between outdated advertisers, social media and SEO consultancies, and CRM integrators, all basically resellers of non-local methods and software.

Being 9th in the world is not easy, but if Italian business services do not figure out how to build up the Italian industry, 9th place can turn into 15th, and 34th, etc.

Coming soon: Why is Germany not exporting as much as China?

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 29 Jun 2018